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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Japonism: Fabulous Fans Pt. 2, James Wardle and Shorter and Boulton "Fan" Wares

James Wardle and Company was one of the earliest English companies to jump on the majolica bandwagon. They did a huge business in the United States largely on their Asian influenced wares. Like Banks and Thorley, they did a big business in their Japanese bamboo themed majolica, but the pattern we see most commonly is their Fan pattern wares.

Shorter and Boulton also did a large business in majolica in the US. Their work is almost always unmarked and sometimes attributed to Fielding but the craftsmanship was not as fine as Fielding.

Both of these manufacturer's wares are easily found in the US and generally quite reasonable. Plates sell in the $50-$200 range depending on size and color and pitchers sell in the $75-$250 range also depending on size and color. Platters sell in the $150-$250 range.

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