A look at the design, market and legacy of Victorian pottery

Monday, August 9, 2010

Japonism: Fabulous Fans Pt. 4, Eureka Pottery

Little is known about the Eureka pottery. The pottery itself was located in Trenton NJ and was in production for only four years starting in 1883. Their majolica output is dated to the first two years of that period. The legacy that the pottery left us however has lasted well over 120 years.
The company made a number of Japonesque designs in that brief time but the design for which they are best known is their "Fan" design.

These fan plates are relatively easy to find though pieces with intense color will command higher prices. The hollowware pieces, particularly the tea set, are much harder to find and will command a premium.


  1. I just lectured (not on majolica) to the Majolica International Society...and then came home and bought one of those triangular "fan" pattern pitchers on Ebay. Who knew? (and I've been a curator for 36 years)

    1. Eureka made some wonderful majolica. The pitcher to which you allude was, to the best of my knowledge, made in three sizes.

  2. I have a pitcher like the owl and fan one without a lid. The owl faces are smeared and imperfect. There is no makers mark on the bottom. Other than the smeared faces, the piece really looks like these photos. Any thoughts on whether the errors render it more or less valuable? More/less likely to be a reproduction?