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Monday, January 15, 2018

Majolica Clocks

Ceramic clocks have a long history in European ceramics dating to Meissen's elaborate porcelain clocks of the early 18th Century. This tradition continued particularly in Germany and France through the last half of the 19th Century and the period of majolica manufacture. Elaborate clocks and matching garniture sets were extremely popular on the continent from the Belle Epoch to the early deco period. While there are examples of British and American clocks from the period, this was an area where continental majolica dominated. Wasuel, the Barbotine manufacturers, Dreyfuss, Sarreguemines, Massier and Choisy-le-Roi all contributed to the output.

Massier majolica pansy clock

Massier majolica iris clock

Majolica Massier clock
Massier majolica bird and floral clock
Choisy-le-Ro clock designed by Robert Louis Carrier Belleuse
This Choisy-le-Roi shell clock repurposed the tray from one of their food servers
Sarreguemines majolica clock

French Barbotine majolica clock

French Barbotine majolica clock
E. Gilles Barbotine clock
Barbotine majolica garniture set
Wesmuel garniture set
Wasmuel majolica clock
Wasmuel majolica clock

Gien majolica clock

Lonitz, Schiller and Eichwald all had their own take on the clock form.

Lonitz majolica clock

Lonitz majolica clock and thermometer

Austrian majolica wall clock and thermometer
Continental majolica clock in the Barbotine style
French majolica table clock
George Dryfuss majolica clock case made for the New Haven Clock Works
Continental majolica mantle clock
Palissy type continental majolica clock
Karlsruhe majolica clock
Eichwald majolica clock

Lonitz majolica clock

Schiller garniture set
Continental majolica clock
The English and American potters also made clocks. Of the American manufacturers, Haynes made and manufactured a number of different models of mantle clocks and garniture sets. The New Haven Clock Works sold a number of majolica clocks using their own movements; the majolica cases however were imported from France.

Minton majolica clock

Wedgwood majolica clock
Haynes clock in the Barbotine style
Haynes majolica mantle clock 
Haynes majolica clock
New Haven Clock Works clock in French majolica case
New Haven Clock Works clock in French majolica case
New Haven Clock Works clock in French majolica case

Clock collecting is a specialty area that attracts more general clock collectors than majolica collectors. This has kept the price of most pieces reasonable.