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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fathers Day Gifts for the Majolica Collector

If Dad is a hopeless ceramics collector we have a few suggestions to make his Father's Day special.

Since Dad is always looking for the unusual, how about a majolica shaving mug? A number of companies made them and even though he may be reluctant to use it. A nice shaving mug will add a masculine decorative accessory to his bathroom.

Fielding shaving mug

If your father is more of a "Grizzly Adams" type, how about a nice mustache cup and saucer to keep that bushy mustache dry? There are so many to choose from you're certain to find one to reflect his taste.

James Wardle mustache cup

Etruscan majolica mustache cup

Fielding mustache cup

Samuel Lear mustache cup

Holcroft pomegranate mustache cup

Fielding mustache cup

James Wardle mustache cup

If Dad is a beer drinker, several companies made beer sets to help enable his habit, or, you can get him a beer tankard to contain his favorite beverage.

George Jones majolica ale set
Wedgwood Hops set
Minton Jester jug

Schiller majolica tankard

George Jones fox tankard

Wedgwood Caterer jug

Forester majolica tankard

Speaking of beverages, whiskey bottles in the shape of different characters were popular in Europe in the first quarter of the century and will add a masculine touch to his decor.

If Dad carries a pipe or smokes WHATEVER... there are numerous humidors to hold his choice of  cigarette filler in addition to match strikers and match boxes for his matches and papers.

Continental majolica smoker. Cigarette smoke comes out of the mouth.
Minton majolica match box

George Jones majolica match box

Wardle match box
If your father hunts or fishes, what better gift than a nice continental trumpe l'oel of hanging game for his man room? Not only do you satisfy his blood lust but you do it without hurting any little critters.

French majolica boar head

Brard Palissy majolica dish
Minton game plaque
Sarreguemines majolica hunting plaque

Sarreguemines majolica plaque

For Dad the cook, a big majolica platter or salad set will be the centerpiece of his next barbecue. Or, for Dad the baker, a set of dessert dishes to compliment his creations!

George Jones majolica platter
Wedgwood Ocean salad set

Wedgwood Fan dessert dish

Etruscan Shell plate

Finally, you could always get Dad a book. What better gift than the latest edition of our book on Etruscan Majolica!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.

Happy Father's Day, Pop!

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