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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Some New Majolica Reproductions

The site Real or Repro, which is affiliated with Ruby Lane Antiques is a good place to check for some of the repros currently being imported into the country. Here are a few reproductions from their current listings.

Two different copies of the Wedgwood Fruit cane stand are currently making the rounds:

These are copies of the Wedgwood original shown below:

There is also a new group of reproductions pieces making the rounds.

The pieces these are referencing are these below.

We have also seen this copy of the Holdcroft Dolphin Shell compote.

It is a copy of the original below.

There is a new reproduction of the Minton shell ewer minus the figures. This should not be confused with the Mottahedeh reproduction which has been available for some time and is marked.
There is also an extremely crude reproduction of the Minton garden seat.

Reproduction Minton ewer

Minton majolica shell ewer

Reproduction Minton majolica  garden seat

Minton majolica garden seat

There is also a new reproduction of the George Jones palm plate.

Reproduction palm plate marked J.J.

George Jones palm plate

This copy of the Sarreguemines bird plate is part of a series of four bird pattern plates marketed by Pottery Barn. The Sarreguemines original is shown below it.

Most of these originate in Asia and are slip cast. They are much lighter in weight than the originals and often have unfinished bases or unfinished interiors.

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