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Monday, November 21, 2016

Majolica Game Terrines and Soup Tureens

It's holiday time again. The time of year when friends and family gather to celebrate the joys of the season. This year we thought we'd do a celebration of the majolica game terrine, that wonderfully ornate, over-the-top serving piece made to dazzle upon presentation. The English in particular excelled at the decorative terrine but the French and Germans contributed beautiful examples as well. Since majolica was not meant for oven use, game terrines usually came with plain earthenware liners that fit inside the decorative terrine for table presentation. When purchasing a terrine it should come with its liner, otherwise it is incomplete.

The "mother of all" English terrines is the Minton hare and mallard terrine, a huge, intricately detailed piece that is a showstopper in any collection. You don't need to afford a hare and mallard terrine though to make a statement at your holiday table. Imagine your friends and family's excitement with any of these fabulous pieces as your centerpiece.

Minton majolica hare and mallard terrine

Holdcroft majolica fox and goose terrine

George Jones majolica boy and dog terrine

Large Minton majolica fish with lemon slice terrine

Wedgwood partridge majolica terrine

George Jones "full nest" quail terrine

George Jones majolica fish terrine

Victoria Pottery Co. boar terrine

Huge Minton majolica boar soup tureen

Boar majolica soup tureen

Brown, Westhead, Moore majolica terrine

VPC majolica quail terrine

VPC majolica mallard terrine

Minton majolica hunting dog terrine

Minton majolica seafood terrine
George Jones majolica lobster terrine

Hugo Lonitz majolica frog and fox terrine

Minton majolica fox and mallard terrine

Brownfield majolica game terrine

Choisy-le-Roi dragonfly terrine

Minton majolica squab terrine

Wedgwood majolica rabbit terrine

Minton majolica rabbit and mallard terrine

George Jones "empty nest" majolica terrine

George Jones majolica hare terrine
Holdcroft majolica lobster terrine

Brown Westhead Moore  majolica crab tureen

Have a wonderful, joyus holiday!

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