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Friday, May 13, 2011

China Display

Recently I came across an interesting blog by interior designer Joseph Davis called Master Class: JPD School of Design Palm Beach, Florida
It's an useful guide by a professional on decorating and all thing related. In it he discusses his philosophy on such things as decorating for children's rooms, cleaning silk flowers and cleaning up pet urine, among other things. It's a light-hearted blog full of useful information all illustrated with beautiful photos taken from his portfolio and from the Internet.

The entry that caught my attention was his thoughts on displaying china in the home for maximum impact, Let's Dish It Up! His entry on majolica was a bit elemental but his advise on display was excellent.

Here is his list of do's and don'ts on china display:
  • NEVER display crystal or glassware in a cabinet. It doesnt have the color or interest and looks pretentious; clear items should be kept behind a closed door.
  • NEVER wallpaper the insde of a cupboard which will have finely detailed china in it, the patterned paper overwhelms it.
  • NEVER pack a wall-rack or hutch-top with so much china it heaves; it should have a "user friendly" look, not a "dont freekin' touch me or everything will crash to the floor" look...
  • NEVER display miniatures with standard sized items, it'll look like "Alice in Wonderland".....stupid.
  • NEVER put lots of different patterns of china in the same display vignette unless you have a good eye and design sense( too Sanford and Sons)
  • NEVER, ever, let some one tell you your taste isnt good, or it's wrong.  Your taste makes you unique. Certainly the world is full enough of mindless followers...be urself, buy what you like. However, let someone offer to help you display, or offer advice on procurement or collecting...you dont have to do it, but they just may have an idea you hadn't considered...
Check out his blog! I think you'll like it.

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