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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Majolica

For the upcoming Easter holiday I thought I'd post some pieces that may be appropriate to your Easter table.

Of course the ultimate Easter centerpiece would have to be the GJ "full nest" Quail game dish, replete with chicks and bunnies galore!

Not everyone can afford a "full nest" game dish so the "empty nest" version will have to suffice for some.

Although some might prefer the Minton Hare and Mallard tureen.

Then there are the Minton bunnies on which you can artfully arrange your peeps!

The Choisy-le-Roi rabbit plates would be perfect for appetizers...

... as would some of the Choisy game bird plates!

Of course you'll need something to hold the flowers. How about something from Massier or Holdcroft?

Of course you'll need something to hold all those jelly beans and chocolate eggs! How about a nice humidor from France or box from TCBW Moore & Company or butter dish from Eureka?

Let's not forget something to hold all those pretty eggs. Maybe a nice egg basket or server?

When dinner is all said and done set out the first strawberries of the season in a wonderful strawberry server!

Or give each of your guests their own strawberry portion on a plate from George Jones.

Then sit back and relax with a sweet liquor from your bunny bottle and try to forget the clean up!

Enjoy your holiday everyone!

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