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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Figural Majolica Egg Cups

One of the more unusual sub categories of collecting is those who collect egg cups. Those interested in looking for majolica egg cups will not be disappointed. We wrote about majolica egg baskets a few months ago (http://etruscanmajolica.blogspot.com/2010/08/majolica-egg-baskets.html). The egg cups I'm discussing today are figural egg cups.

The largest manufacturer of figural egg cups was the French/German firm of Utzchneider & Co., also known as Sarreguemines. I don't know how many different egg cup designs the company made but they made a diverse group with everything from chicks to camels.

These are very collectible and have an ardent group of admirers. They generally sell between $80 for the more common ones to $200 for the more exotic ones like the monkey.

Minton made an egg server in the form of a waterlily that is gorgeous and quite rare. The individual cups are much more commonly found than the plateau.

This European breakfast set by an unknown manufacturer is in the form of a hen surrounded by figural egg cup in the form of chicks and eggs.

Dreyfuss made this Swan egg server with chick egg cups.

We also have this Continental egg server with its feathered egg cups.

Finally we have a couple of egg cups by unknown, but most likely French manufacturers.

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