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Friday, January 14, 2011

Marine Majolica

In a previous post I wrote about Wedgwood's famous Ocean pattern. Marine life has been one of the richest sources of subject matter for majolica manufacturers. From the largest manufacturers like Minton and George Jones there's barely a centerpiece or conservatory piece that doesn't reference them. And of course there are the oyster plates!

From the smaller manufacturers like Fielding, Wardle and the Etruscan Works we have the famous Shell and Net pattern, Shell and Seaweed pattern and Shell series.

We also have the wonderful Adams and Bromley fish pieces.

But many beautiful pieces were also created by unknown potters. These unmarked pieces are generally overshadowed by the name potteries in big auctions but many of them are gorgeous in their own right and a great buy.

The number of different designs is endless and a wonderful legacy left to us by these unknown potters of the 19th century.

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