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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

French Dessert Plates

I've always wondered why French dessert plates aren't more popular with collectors than they are.

Perhaps its the pastel colors. Majolica collectors seek out intensely colored pieces in general so it would make sense that pastels would not be as popular.

Perhaps it's the design sensibility. French plates are undeniably French looking. They have a light feminine quality, often with art nouveau lines. More often than not they are heavily decorated with lush florals but occasionally you will find animals or people. It's very easy to imagine the novelist Colette lunching on them as she pens Gigi.

These are plates that comfortably fit in the world of Cocteau, Piaf and Chevalier.

French plates are easily found and inexpensive with most of them selling under $100. They are a wonderful way to add color and a bit of French sophistication to your table or wall.

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