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Saturday, July 3, 2010

American Themed Majolica

Copeland American Eagle pitcher
The Majolica International Society posted some lovely photos on their Facebook page of two American themed majolica pieces for the Fourth of July.

Aside from these two Copeland examples I can only recall seeing a few other pieces with an American historical theme. There are a number of other majolica pieces with American presidents on them: the Wedgwood Washington-Lincoln Centennial pitcher; the John Garfield memorial pitcher; a U.S.Grant pitcher (or it could be another Garfield memorial pitcher); a Grover Cleveland plate; an earthenware McKinley campaign pitcher and toby; and tiles with Wilson, Cleveland and Harrison on them. There is also a Palmer Cox Brownie dressed as Uncle Sam.

Garfield memorial tile 
Grant majolica pitcher
Benjamin Harrison tile 
Grover Cleveland tile
Grover Cleveland plate
McKinley toby by Bennett Pottery 
McKinley campaign pitcher from the Chester Pottery, Phoenixville
Woodrow Wilson majolica tile
Palmer Cox Brownie candle holder

Much more commonly found in majolica are pieces celebrating things from the American continent. There is a plaque and a number of smoking pieces with Native American Indians. 

Then there is native American flora and fauna. There are so many dozens of different majolica pieces featuring American corn we'll exclude those here but there are also pieces featuring uniquely American animals like turkeys and American bison.

Eichwald majolica bison pedestal.

George Jones "America" compote

Bison Humidor
Bison head humidor
Turkey humidor
Turkey vase

If you can think of any others please drop me a line.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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