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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A sad reproduction

I've been writing a lot about reproductions lately. Unfortunately they have begun to permeate the majolica scene more than ever before. My last post was about an exceptionally good reproduction that is currently flooding the marketplace. This last post of the year is about the opposite--an exceptionally bad reproduction.

I have to admit I get a little giddy when I see something like this offered on line with a straight face. It's bad on such a cosmic level that it's hard to believe anyone would take it seriously but I need to remind myself that not everyone is familiar with every specialty. I know that I could very easily be fooled by a bad Chinese porcelain reproduction because I know very little about Chinese porcelain. Still, this is an awful piece by any measure.

The above plate is being offered on line as an authentic George Jones piece of majolica in the Palissy style. The price is $700+. The reverse has a GJ "applied pad" signature.

Now, there are several things wrong here.
To the best of my knowledge George Jones never made majolica in the Palissy style. The closest I can think of would be their plates done for the Biarritz resorts and even that doesn't look anything like true Palissy.

The conceit that the reproduction platter is GJ Palissy is absurd.  Of course one look at the reverse should hammer that home for anyone with even the most basic knowledge of majolica.
Compare the mark on the reproduction (top) with the genuine article (bottom).

Not even the glaze is correct, with the repro glaze not being shiny like the real thing.

I would hope that no one who reads this blog would be fooled by anything like this.
I would hope!

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