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Friday, April 1, 2011

Majolica Fish Services

Fish services were very popular in both the US and abroad in the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century. This was an age when dining was something of an art and each course had a special server designed especially for its use. Since majolica was considered too soft for daily use it was perfectly suited to this specialty purpose. Fish services are an example of this specialty ware.

Both English and Continental potteries produced fish services in majolica. Today the English services by Holdcroft, Jones and Wedgwood are most highly prized and bring exceptional prices when available. Over the years most of these were broken up into components-- platter, plates and accessory pieces--by owners hoping to maximize the profit on their sale, but with a bit of persistence a complete service can be recreated.
A complete service generally comprises a large platter, eight or ten matching plates and a sauce boat. Occasionally, matching platters in smaller sizes, covered tureens and serving utensils can be found as well.

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