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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

eHow's "How to Collect Majolica Pottery" Video Series

Anyone familiar with searching for majolica on Google is bound to be familiar with eHow's video series How to Collect Majolica Pottery. It comes up on every general search on majolica you may try. If nothing else I give their Web group kudos for their Google search friendliness.

There are 16 two minute videos in the series hosted by Sue Shea, a New England antiques dealer. Having the time to go through them last weekend I must admit to being rather disappointed in the series. It begins with An Introduction to Majolica Pottery, which is an OK video for a beginner (it is rated three stars out of five by viewers) to Books on Collecting Majolica Pottery which is the last video in the series.

Ms. Shea's enthusiasm for the pottery is apparent though she isn't exactly the most charismatic person in front of the lens. She fumbles quite a bit in front of the camera and speaks in the broadest terms about majolica. It's pretty clear that her knowledge is quite limited at best, pretty much what you'd expect from a general antiques dealer.
To be honest I don't think her videos would be of much interest to anyone who has already started collecting but they may be of some assistance to beginners.

What the majolica community really needs is a beginner's guide to the pottery by someone like a specialist or advanced collector who has the savvy to put a professional series together. This would be an excellent project for The Majolica International Society to expand awareness of the beauty and variety available in majolica.

If you're interested in viewing the eHow series on majolica, here's a link to all the videos in the group: http://www.ehow.com/videos-on_4675_collect-majolica-pottery.html

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